Top feasibility assessment company with Nonprofit Growth

High quality business strategy company with Non-Profit Growth? NPG quickly secured funding for the Island York and now have a long-term relationship to help this amazing charity achieve bigger goals. NPG worked with us to secure much needed funding to continue our work, but also to expand our growth. I am so grateful and would highly recommend NPG to anyone looking to secure funding for their work. NPG are excellent, very professional and easy to communicate with and they have your best interests at heart.

Children’s Book Project partnered with NPG to develop a fundraising strategy and prepare funding proposals which would enable them to distribute hundreds of thousands of books to children with limited access to reading, especially during the pandemic. NPG quickly secured funding and look forward to an everlasting relationship with this fantastic organisation! Some lovely news for you (and us of course) for a Friday morning! Congratulations and a huge thank you for all you are doing!

Here at NPG, we help organisations with a wide range of financial needs, and Social Housing is no stranger. We know how important social housing is to help advance our society, as research has shown the notion of home is a wider determinant for our outcomes in life. As such, we have a vested interest in helping your organisation grow sustainably to ensure the needs of the nation are met, every step of the way. We have a deep understanding of the bigger picture, including how to tap specific Government priorities, such as the new “levelling up” agenda, where housing will play a vital role. Many RSL’s and social housing entities also deliver so much community work and this is often at the heart of their ethos. This means that they are eligible to apply for funding from trusts and foundations. In addition to fundraising support, we can help RSL’s with a full range of community engagement and consultation work, as well as feasibilities studies and strategic reports. Find more information on

We never submit cold applications. Ever. We take time to build relationships with the funders on behalf of your organisation, to increase the likelihood of successful applications. With our finger on the pulse of the funding world, we know who will be likely to support your projects, and who should be avoided, saving you both time and energy. Once we find the right funders, we author the best quality and bespoke funding applications for you, carefully matching the bids to the funders’ priorities. We can apply for grants that will cover everything you might need, whether it be core costs, new interventions and expansions, or refurbishment and capital projects. We consult directly with you to identify the right priorities and financial details before writing an application and we will never submit anything without your approval.