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Become a credit card processing reseller by This advantage of the zero-fee solution is not just limited to the merchants, as an agent, you can increase the fee charged on each transaction and increase your profit. Since the merchant is not paying it from his pocket, there shouldn’t be any problem in paying it. Let’s take an example of how it will work. As you probably know, when you become a merchant services agent, you split the profit that the company receives after processing a transaction. Now the industry average of this ‘split’ between you and the company is around 50%. So if the company charges a 2% fee on each transaction, then let’s suppose on a transaction of $5, it gets $0.1. Now minus the interchange fee of $0.03, it becomes $0.07. The 50% split will be $0.035.

Excellent Customer Support: North American Bancard Agent Program offers top-notch customer support, plus they also have marketing teams that will assist you in closing a specific sale if you need some help. They think of their agents as their assets, and that is what makes them great. So unlike other programs where the agents face issues like not being able to reach the customer support if the merchant is having a technical issue, NAB won’t abandon you in these sensitive times.

One thing that you should be aware of when filling out the application to become an ISO is that it is a very lengthy and very expensive process. Your financials will need to be investigated and you will likely need to hire a legal team to guide you through the paperwork and process. Be prepared for this. If you are approved for your ISO application, then the next step in your journey as an ISO is to remain compliant with all applicable regulations and rules so that you can stay a certified ISO with the right to work with North American Bancard. This industry is quite strict, so taking actions to ensure you remain compliant throughout your time as an ISO is essential. This means that you should keep a legal team on standby to help you with any issues that might arise. See additional information on Become a Merchant Services Agent.

Pay per click advertising is a great way to get more Merchant Account Leads, but Google Ads can be expensive. You need at least $200 for converting leads in credit card processing. The other option is Facebook advertising. You can get around 80% leads from PPC advertising. The people who are interested or new in this market will be likely to click on your ads. But keep in mind that PPC advertising is not about throwing text advertisements on Google or Facebook and waiting for more leads. Instead, you should have professional and high-authority websites and properly integrate your PPC advertisement into it.

What sets these POS Systems apart from the competition is the durable construction that makes them a good candidate to reside in your store for decades. They are made with innovation, but also respect the traditional principles that make for a good POS for your business. They feature all of the ports that you will need to make them a fully integrated part of your checkout process. Our POS systems come with all the mounting and installation hardware that you will need, as well as our robust and comprehensive software that you will use to power your checkout process. See additional information at